AmeriStrength Leadership Team

Founder & CEO

John Faulkner

Founder & CEO

John Faulkner founded AmeriStrength to help small businesses grow and succeed. He experienced the challenges of growing a small business during three decades of owning and managing Cornerstone Solutions Group, a company focused on landscape and general construction. He understood clearly how consistent and predictable cash flow can become the biggest barrier to growth, especially for a well-managed enterprise.

It was natural for John to think about starting a service that would solve problems for other business owners. Devoted to biblical principles, John is servant-minded; he enjoys helping others overcome difficult challenges. In fact, he gives back by mentoring fellow leaders in both personal and business issues.

In 1984, he founded Cornerstone as a tree trimming business with one truck. When he sold the business 28 years later, he operated four facilities throughout the state of Florida with $25 million in annual revenue, and employed 350 incredible people. Cornerstone thrived by providing a host of related services—large-scale landscape and irrigation installation services, landscape architecture, community maintenance, environmental services, wholesale nursery, pest control and fertilization, as well as full construction and site development services.

As John built Cornerstone into one of the largest full-service landscape and construction companies in the Southeast, he experienced cash flow challenges. Far too often, receivables were many times greater than payables, but insufficient liquidity made it difficult to accept additional work or to make efficient purchases that would lead to greater profitability. Such situations could even threaten payroll.

So, John designed AmeriStrength as the solution to a problem he personally understood very well. Now, he’s able to help healthy small businesses by factoring—quickly turning receivables into the cash needed to thrive and grow. John knows his customers and the quality of their work. He knows that they’re earning new opportunities and have great prospects. They just need a quality organization to stand with them.

In recent years, John also co-founded and continues to lead a successful publication that reaches business leaders across the country. With good friend and business colleague Richard W. Hayes, John envisioned and executed TwoTen Magazine which is published quarterly in-print and online. It provides articles by well-known Christian business leaders to help top management increase their effectiveness while practicing Christian values for the good of customers, employees, and the entire community. TwoTen Magazine has featured exclusive interviews including Tony Dungy, Willie Robertson, Shannon Bream, Dr. Ben Carson, Tim Tebow, Dr. Billy Graham and Gary Levox of Rascal Flatts.

John works personally with many Christian business owners in a variety of industries, helping them solidify vision, strengthen culture, and become more Kingdom-minded in pursuit of their goals.

Faulkner is active in his community, currently serving on the board of Digital Lightbridge and Sealund and Associates. He is presently a member/alumnus of The C12 Group, Lifework Leadership and Grace Family Church.

John is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, author, blogger and frequent speaker on culture, leadership and his personal testimony.

John resides in New Port Richey, Florida. He has been married for over 30 years to his beautiful wife, Julie, and is the proud father of an exceptional son, two incredible daughters and four way-above-average grandchildren.