Advantages, Costs & Terms

Accounts receivable are monies owed to you over time.  When you sell your accounts receivable to AmeriStrength, you receive cash that can be put to good use in your business.  That means you are adding to your working capital.  The reason it’s called working capital is that you put it to work making more money.

Having adequate working capital is absolutely essential to business success.

When you sell your accounts receivable, you are not borrowing money, and no debt is added to your balance sheet.  In fact, you’re adding cash to your balance sheet.  You receive the money in as little as 24 hours, ready to be put to work.

If your customers need to be contacted with a new payment address, we work in tandem with you to make sure arrangements are clear and simple.  We seek to enhance your customer relationships for future success.

AmeriStrength understands how small businesses grow.  We believe that factoring should come at a reasonable cost for the service provided.  A company like AmeriStrength that purchases receivables gives up cash for a period of time.  Working with AmeriStrength, you will immediately receive 80-90% of the customer invoices immediately.  Depending on your arrangement, you may receive the remainder—up to 95%--when your customers pay the full balance of invoices.

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